Wacken Open Air 2024

You have to use this form to request your festival ticket(s), which you bought together with a bus ticket from Wackenbus. Requesting means that we will email you the festival ticket(s) via the Wacken Ticket Center.

What is the Wacken Ticket Center and how do I register there?

The Wacken Ticket Center is the website where you store and manage your Wacken festival ticket(s). If you don’t have an account there yet, we recommend that you create one now. This account is then valid for the coming and future Wacken Open Air.

You can easily create an account now at https://ticketcenter.wacken.com/

How does the transfer of the festival ticket work?

  1. If you are the original customer and are therefore entitled to the festival tickets in your order, please fill out this form. For legal reasons we have to make sure that you are the one who ordered the tickets.
  2. In the “Festival ticket names” field, please write a name for each festival ticket that you bought from us so that we can adjust the names in our passenger list accordingly if they have changed since you ordered them.
  3. If you would like us to send the festival tickets directly to your fellow passengers, please write the e-mail address that your passenger also uses in the Wacken ticket center in brackets after the name of your passenger in the “Festival ticket name” field.
  4. After you have sent the form, there is a very important step, because the form will be sent directly only to your e-mail address and not yet to us! So that we can ensure that the e-mail really comes from you, you must now forward the e-mail to our address info@wackenbus.com using the “Reply” function.
  5. We will then have your festival ticket(s) sent to your account via the Wacken Ticket Center within one working day. You will receive a separate email for each festival ticket we send you.
  6. In the Wacken ticket center you select the item “Transactions” in the upper bar and have to accept the acceptance of each individual festival ticket.
  7. (optional) If you want to forward the festival tickets of your fellow passengers to them, you can forward the festival ticket to the respective person via the button “Ticket forwarding”, which you can find under each ticket in the ticket overview.
  8. Please note that after the festival ticket has been transferred to you, a change of name is only due in the Wacken ticket center for a fee that the organizer charges.
  9. After successful transfer, you can also create a cashless account for each festival ticket via the Wacken Ticket Center so that you can pay without cash at Wacken Open Air. According to the current status (07/22/2022) you have to create a separate account with the cashless provider for each festival ticket. More information here!

You can use this form until just before the festival starts, but note that we will not transfer festival tickets before July 15th 2024. Multiple use before July 15th 2024 is possible, we will then always use the latest message from you, e.g. to adopt changed e-mail addresses or names.

A name change before July 15th 2022 is completely free of charge for you.

    Your name (mandatory field)

    The email address you used to order the bus tickets (mandatory field)

    Your 4 to 5 digit order number (leave free if unkown)

    Your telephone number if we should have any questions

    Total number of bus tickets ordered

    Please enter the complete list of your passengers names in the following field. If you have a passenger who should not receive a festival ticket, please write behind his name in brackets (no festival ticket). If your passengers should receive the festival ticket directly to their own e-mail address, you can write the e-mail address in brackets after their name. Otherwise we will send the festival tickets to you first and you can then redistribute them in the wacken-ticketcenter.